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How to teach your kid to brush their teeth regularly

Posted on 3/6/2023 by Evan
How to teach your kid to brush their teeth regularlyBrushing and flossing is one thing that we know helps in oral hygiene. We all want to have fresh breath, a great smile with white teeth. The brushing of teeth is vital in ensuring that you have optimum dental health. Your child needs to know how to brush their teeth so that they do not develop gingivitis or even periodontal gum disease. Our dentists will take you through how to brush for your child.

Make brushing fun

Many children do not like the idea of brushing their teeth yet this is an important activity to keep their teeth healthy. To make your child enjoy brushing their teeth makes it a fun experience. You can brush together with the kid as you show the kid how to brush right. The children are likely to copy what you do while brushing and so brush right. Invite the child to join you by making fun gestures so that they cannot resist and will just copy what you are doing. Move the toothbrush in a circular motion for the front teeth. The molars will require you to move the child's brush back and forth. After brushing it is good to reward the child for them to enjoy the experience.

Dental Checkups

Always ensure that the child has regular dental visits. The dentist will examine how the teeth of your child are progressing. The dentist detects any problems that might come up with the dental health of the child. The hygienist will clean you and our dentist will be there to check any conditions that might be affecting the mouth. Our dentist will assist in ensuring that the optimum oral health of your child is at its peak by even teaching and encouraging the child to brush their teeth.

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