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How Does A Dentist Treat Gum Disease

Posted on 3/20/2023 by Evan
How Does A Dentist Treat Gum DiseasePeriodontal or gum disease is an infection that attacks the gums, causing damage to the soft tissues of the tooth. This bacterial infection can become very serious if not treated. It could lead to bone damage, pulp infection, loss of teeth, and extreme pain. Treating gum disease largely depends on the stage it is. A dentist should inspect the mouth thoroughly to establish what treatment is needed.

Gum disease can be silent whereby it continues to attack your mouth without knowing. In most cases, people come to discover they have the disease when it has progressed. Through regular visits for cleanings and checks, a dentist can spot the onset of gum disease and begin treatment early. A dentist may recommend various non-surgical or even surgical therapies for advanced treatment.

Non-Surgical Treatment

First, the periodontist will conduct a deep cleaning to eliminate plaque and tartar that have formed in the periodontal pockets. Scaling is done to chip off tartar that hardens on the tooth's surface below and above the gumline. The dentist does root planing, which involves smoothing out rough areas of the tooth root to discourage the further formation of bacterial plaque and tartar.

Additionally, the dentist may recommend topical or oral antibiotics and mouth rinses. Antibiotics can be inserted in between the teeth and gums or into pockets to help eliminate infection-causing bacteria.

Surgical Treatment

In situations where gum disease has advanced, a dentist can perform flap surgery or pocket reduction surgery. The dentist lifts the gums back to remove tartar and bacteria in the pockets. The dentist might replace the damaged bone surrounding your tooth root by grafting a bone to prevent tooth loss and allow new bone to regrow. Also, soft tissue graft can help to restore the gum-receded area if the tooth root is exposed.

Talk to our dentist about gum disease treatment and how to prevent it in the first place.

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