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What Is A Composite Filling In Dentistry?

Posted on 6/5/2023 by Evan
What Is A Composite Filling In Dentistry?The majority of the adult population in the US has had to undergo tooth filling. Poor dental health, accidents, and injuries are the main causes why people have to undergo this procedure. Poor oral health, for instance, leads to tooth enamel erosion, making you prone to cavities.

Injuries and trauma, on the other end, can end up chipping or cracking your teeth. When age catches up with you, this too can occur. A few decades ago, patients would undergo filling, however, this time around they used to be metal tooth fillings. Now, composite fillings describe the alternative solution for metal tooth fillings.

Are Composite Fillings a Lifelong Solution?

Composite fillings are made using a sturdy material that can withstand the same stress our natural teeth are exposed to every day. The problem is, however, unlike natural teeth, they cannot last forever. They sometimes get damaged, loose, and even fall out. If this happens, white fillings may expose your tooth to infections, if you do not seek immediate dentist's attention. The best part is that they can always be replaced.

Are Made in a Wide Range of Materials

Composite dental fillings are available in a number of materials that help protect and defend your teeth from damage and decay. When you visit our dental clinic our dentist will discuss with you the available and best options for your case, to make you happy with your treatment path.

Composite dental fillings are among the most popular options that restore your teeth to their former appearance primarily because of their aesthetic advantage; they are colored to match your normal teeth or a tooth.

Can Fillings Be Placed on Front Teeth?

Yes, our experts can create and apply fillings on your front teeth when they get chipped or damaged. These fillings are made to match your existing teeth. To receive white-colored fillings, contact our office today!

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