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Different Types Of Dental Floss And Their Uses

Posted on 7/24/2023 by Evan
Different Types Of Dental Floss And Their UsesDental floss comes in many varieties. Whereas there is no right floss for everyone, it would not hurt to have several types to address varying dental needs.

Waxed And Unwaxed Floss

Both waxed and unwaxed floss are nylon in nature and come with multiple strands. Just like the name suggests, waxed floss comes with a thin layer of wax. This makes it easy for the strands to slide in between the teeth and is ideal for people who have very tight spaces in between their teeth. Waxed floss is also a better option for people with braces or any other dental device. Unwaxed floss, on the other hand, does not have any wax coating. As such, it is slightly thinner than waxed floss and can fit into closely spaced teeth.

Polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) Floss

This is different from the standard floss due to the high technological nonstick nature of the Gore-Tex material. Floss is made of a strong single filament strand. In as much as it is slightly expensive, it does not easily shred. It has a smooth gliding ability which makes it comfortable and easy to use. Doctors recommend PTFE floss for people who have sensitive gums and those with dental appliances, such as bridges, braces, or implants.

Dental Tape and Super Floss

The most distinct characteristic of dental tape floss is that it is wider and flatter. The target market for dental tape is individuals with big gaps between the teeth. On the other hand, super floss has two unique features. First and foremost, it is stiff-ended to thread under dental devices. Secondly, it comes with a spongy segment that cleans around dental devices. For people who often experience bad breath or have a distasteful feeling in the mouth, you will be delighted to explore the flavored floss option. The most common flavors are cinnamon, mint, and diverse fruit tangs. Follow us on all our social media handles and be the first to be notified of any offers.

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