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What Dental Problems Can Develop With Tooth Crowns?

Posted on 8/21/2023 by Evan
What Dental Problems Can Develop With Tooth Crowns? Dental crowns are made to cover the teeth or implants inserted into the jaw. They are also used to give an appealing look and a wonderful smile. Like most dental treatments, crowns do not last forever but can survive for five to fifteen years depending on the type of crown and care given.

However, you should not always expect a smooth ride after having your dental crowns on. Some problems may arise due to having them. Here are some concerns you may face when you receive dental crowns.

Increased Tooth Sensitivity

Teeth can be sensitive for some time after the mounting of dental crowns. The sensitivity is expected to subside over time. If, for instance, you continue feeling sensitive after two weeks, then maybe the nerves in your teeth were interfered with during the process of crown fitting. Mostly, you will find that parts of the teeth that were interfered with will remain exposed. This can be fixed by adjusting the crowns to cover the teeth. Alternatively, your dental specialist may propose a new crown for you.

Tooth Decay

Improper care of your oral health after having dental crowns can land you serious problems. Your teeth may face the risk of decay and where it has already occurred, it may force the dentist to review your crown and remove the decay after which you may need a new crown. Always maintain good oral hygiene and regular checks to look into the condition of your crowns to avoid such issues.

Condition of the Crown

The state of the crown, if in bad condition, will definitely bring more problems. Chipped or cracked crowns, for instance, will need repair or replacement, depending on the damage. Loose crowns too need attention from a dental specialist. If you feel you need dental crowns or have problems with existing ones, don't hesitate to call us.

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