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Your Diet and Oral Health

Posted on 3/7/2022 by Evan
Your Diet and Oral HealthWhatever we eat impacts our oral health. It is vital to observe what we consume for it contributes to the well-being of our mouth and general oral health. Our teeth need minerals and nutrients to develop strong and better. Our dental team is ready to give you a smile that you will love to display in public by teaching you how to take care of your teeth and educating on what to eat so that we maintain good oral health.

Eat foods with phosphorous

The mineral phosphorous is vital in giving you strong bones and teeth. This is a mineral that is needed by your body and can be found in foods such as lentils, pork, cheese, soybeans, and even seafood. Ensure that you make phosphorous an essential and a must in your diet.

Calcium foods

The mineral calcium is good for teeth and bones and so it needs to be included in your diet. The calcium mineral helps in giving you strong enamel and also assists in making your jawbone stronger so that your teeth will be supported accordingly. The foods that are rich in calcium are foods such as cheese, milk, yogurt, salmon, and broccoli. The dental professional will assist you in identifying the foods with calcium, for your oral health.

Avoid acid and Sugary foods

Foods that have acid will erode your teeth enamel and because tooth decay. The acidic foods include citrus fruits, oranges, lemon, and even pineapples. The sugary food will cause much more damage to your teeth. The sugar will combine with food particles that remain in the mouth and form a sticky substance that sticks in between the teeth known as plaque. If there is a long-term accumulation of plaque this forms dental cavities and this leads to tooth decay and can make you lose the teeth. Our dental team will ensure that your teeth, gums, and general mouth are given a balanced diet. by guiding you on diet and oral health.

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