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Keeping Up With Your Cleanings

Posted on 6/20/2022 by Evan
Keeping Up With Your CleaningsYou're getting more than a sparkling smile when you visit us for your regular cleaning. We consider a cleaning as a comprehensive assessment of your oral health. Often, dental problems aren't noticeable until they're severe. Having regular check-ups allows us to detect and diagnose problems early, hopefully before they become more serious. By spotting a cavity before it becomes painful, we can likely fill it with a far more conservative method. The result is fewer dental chairs, less pain, and less cost when repairing the damage!

Your Wellness Check

At your check up, we will also screen for indicators of oral illness, such as oral cancer warning signs and HPV. If we detect early indications of gum disease, we can advise you on how to treat it before it causes lasting harm, such as bone loss. Regular oral health exams are essential for keeping your family's dental health in tip-top shape.

During a Cleaning

Cleaning your teeth is the primary goal of a routine dental check-up, right? Now, exactly what does your hygienist do? Basically, a hygienist's job is not just about taking care of your teeth and polishing them. The goal of these treatments is to keep your soft tissues in good health. The dentist evaluates the health and stability of your gums and treats or prevents inflammation. No matter how good you are at brushing and flossing, you will build up tartar, also known as hard deposits. You may experience microscopic abrasions in your gum tissue if your tartar is rough. Swelling and bleeding will result from this. When gum disease is at its most advanced stage, this inflammation can spread to other parts of the body. Hard deposits located below the gumline, where you cannot see them, are removed by your hygienist, helping to protect your gums. Of course, keeping your smile sparkling is another goal, but cleanings are so much more than that.

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