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What Does it Mean When You Whiten Your Teeth

Posted on 6/6/2022 by Evan
What Does it Mean When You Whiten Your TeethTeeth whitening bleaches the teeth, giving them a lighter look. Before a patient goes for a whitening process, they have advised to first book an appointment with a dentist. The dentist comes up with the best whitening options which are available. The bleaching process can be done inside the dentist's office.

The Teeth Whitening Process

A professional teeth whitening can happen in a dentist's office where there is an application of a gel that contains 26 to 40 per cent of hydrogen peroxide, and with the use of a heating lamp, it aims the teeth. A laser speeds up the whitening process, and a dentist can also use them during the procedure. A protective cover is used to keep the lips, the gums and the tongue away from the gel. A dentist can give whitening trays molded for the teeth for easy follow-up with the bleaching ingredients at home.

If whitening is practiced at home, the following procedure is carried out. Whitening kits bought over the counter are becoming a popular trend and are less expensive. These whitening kits contain less hydrogen peroxide than those used by a dentist. The whitening procedure is advised to be carried out by a dentist since it is the safest method available.

The Teeth Whitening Process at Home

Whitening trays are ways of bleaching the teeth while at home. The dentists recommend using whitening kits, which the profession uses since it has higher levels of hydrogen peroxide. The dentist makes molds of the teeth, and flexible application trays are created. Trays ensure the bleach is in deep contact with the teeth for adequate and best results; the trays prevent the saliva from diluting the bleach and reduce the amount of the bleach that can leak out and irritate the gums. The bleaching agents are stored in syringes.

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