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Bruxism Austin TX

Dentist speaking with beautiful older Black couple regarding Bruxism at Emily Ianno Zaramella, DDS in Austin, TX TMJ disorder occurs because of acute stress on your jaw and constant teeth grinding which is also known as bruxism. This condition eventually ends up in a lot of discomfort and pain. It also results in chipping of the tooth enamel and extended tooth sensitivity. If you would like to get relief from this condition, then looking for the best TMJ treatments with oral care is something that you should consider doing. Our team in Austin, TX understands how this condition can affect you and help you find the perfect oral device that not only relaxes your jaw but helps you to sleep comfortably.

Provide Comfort

TMJ disorder is common for people who have trouble sleeping at night. This dental problem is one of the major reasons that cause sleep disruption and can also result in various other problems. If you are suffering from TMJ and bruxism and you want these conditions to be treated effectively then one of the best things to do is to consider getting devices that can help protect your teeth and jaw, such as a night mouth guard. If you have not heard of oral devices, then all you need to do is visit Emily Ianno Zaramella, DDS and we will help you understand how they can benefit you in the long run.

Help You Sleep Better

When you sleep better without grinding your teeth, it helps you to wake up feeling better. Lack of sleep means a lack of productivity and no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to deliver the kind of results your career or your personal life demands from you. It is always better to treat bruxism and TMJ instead of avoiding it because this will continue to affect your sleep. When you don't sleep well, you are usually irritable and cranky, and this doesn't go down well with people. If you want to stay in a better mood and have more energy throughout the day you need to sleep better. In order for you to do that with TMJ disorder, you need to consult professionals like us who can help you find the right solution.

Eat Without Pain

When you constantly grind your teeth, this results in severe pain in your gums and jaw. It also results in tooth sensitivity because of the chipping of the enamel of your tooth. This makes it very difficult for you to enjoy eating your favorite foods and you constantly worry about whether the food is too cold or too hot. In order for you to avoid this situation, it is highly recommended to get your TMJ treated as soon as possible. Not only does this help you to keep your teeth healthy, but it also prevents the aches and pains that are related to it. The sooner you treat the condition the less likely it is that you will disturb the enamel of your teeth and this ensures that your teeth stay healthy.

Get Rid of Headaches

People who suffer from depression and TMJ disorders tend to grind their teeth very hard and this often results in a severe headache. This headache seldom leaves you because the involuntary action continues even while awake and it only gets worse with time.

If you are looking for the best solutions to get rid of TMJ and bruxism in Austin TX and to be treated effectively, visit Emily Ianno Zaramella, DDS for a dental exam or give us a call at 737-273-3303 so we can help you.

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