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Pediatric Dentistry Austin TX

Happy kids smiling after receiving pediatric dental services at  Emily Ianno Zaramella, DDS in Austin, TXEating is important for your child’s growth. Therefore, as parents, you do your best to provide the best food for them. However, with this comes another responsibility, their dental health.

In this article, we are going to explore several dental health procedures that are performed on kids depending upon the dental concern they have. At Emily Ianno Zaramella, DDS, we encourage our clients to take care of their own and their family’s oral health collectively. Following are the dental procedures which are performed on kids:

Stainless Steel Crowns

Stainless steel crowns are used when your child’s teeth have decayed to the point that the white fillings cannot be held anymore. The reason for extreme decaying is not getting the teeth treated on time. This causes severe damage to the enamel and, in some cases, even the nerves. Therefore, we cannot use tooth-colored fillings but use stainless steel instead.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

If you want to restore your child’s front or back teeth, then tooth-colored white fillings are the right choice. Tooth-colored fillings are also called composites. They are used to fix fractured teeth appearance and, in some cases, tooth decay. The composite teeth’s color is kept as close as possible to the original teeth color of the child.


Children need to be x-rayed more often than adults as their body is still growing. That’s why their facial structure changes rapidly. Dental x-rays often show the demineralization of teeth. This is a weakness in the tooth structure. While adults are recommended to visit every three months, the American Academy of Podiatry has set a timeline of six months for children with a high decay rate. Children with less dental concerns do not require being x-rayed that often.


Prophylaxis, in simpler words, refers to a dental cleaning. For the procedure, our hygienist will first check your child’s medical history. This will ensure that we are up to date with your child’s overall health. After this, your child’s teeth will be deep cleaned to remove any calculus or debris. The procedure is followed up with fluoride treatment to prevent tooth inflammation for a good three months.


Cavities are formed in kids due to the weakening of the enamel. Kids are prone to eating sugary foods a lot. When the sugar from the food interacts with the natural bacteria in the oral cavity, it causes wearing of the enamel.

The enamel slowly starts to wear off, creating a cavity, which is a perfect spot for any other infection. In some cases, it causes permanent damage to nerves and child tooth extractions at an early age.

To avoid this, we recommend early treatment. As soon as the child complains about pain or sensitivity, get their teeth checked. Our dentists can restore the tooth using fillings that are tooth-colored. If the cavity has gone in too deep, a pulpotomy nerve treatment is needed along with a cover with a stainless steel crown.

Key Takeaway

Oral health is not just an adult problem. Dental issues also occur in children. Therefore, it is important as parents for you to understand your child’s dental issues early on. At Emily Ianno Zaramella, DDS we wish for your child to have good oral health. Please contact us at 737-273-3303 and place your appointment today.

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