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Periodontal Care Austin TX

Diagram of periodontal disease from Emily Ianno Zaramella, DDS in Austin, TXPeriodontal maintenance is mandatory to bring back the health of your inflamed gums. The inflammation is usually due to tartar and bacterial accumulation. It is recommended for those clients who wish to maintain their teeth after scaling, deep cleaning, or periodontal surgery.

At Emily Ianno Zaramella, DDS, we encourage our clients to visit us regularly to maintain their gum health. By maintaining your gum health, you are preventing further serious diseases that could result from unhealthy gums.

Importance of Periodontal Maintenance

Your immune system, bacteria, or environmental factors are the three leading causes of gum disease. By getting the periodontal treatment, you are breaking the triad that leads to the problem. This is achieved by deep cleaning away harmful bacteria, which cause an inflammatory response.

Visits Required for Periodontal Maintenance

Depending on how deep the inflammation is, our periodontist will recommend the needed amount of visits to get it treated. Bacterial disease in gums often returns within a few months of professional dental cleaning. Therefore, we recommend getting periodontal maintenance every three months if possible. Your visits will be set by the general dentist in our office. By doing this, we can monitor cavities while the periodontist will take care of your gums.

Stages of Periodontal Maintenance

The first step in the procedure is supragingival cleaning. Our dentist will clean the area above the gumline. This will be done with scaling tools to remove plaque or debris.

The second step is subgingival cleaning. It is considered the most important step because this will ensure complete removal of all plaque and bacteria beneath the gumline. The next step is the root planing. It involves smoothing out the roots of the tooth. Bacterial inflammation can be extremely dangerous, so their removal is crucial.

Next, medication is prescribed. This could be an antibiotic or antimicrobial cream. It has to be placed in the gum pockets to manage future inflammations. Lastly, x-rays are added to the procedure to look for any underlying issues in the bone, or possible gum recession.

The Difference Between Periodontal Maintenance and Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is also called a prophy. It is done around the crowns of your teeth. A periodontal, on the other hand, is a maintenance cleaning that covers the area under your gums and root. This removes tartar and bacteria, thereby reducing the chances of inflammation.

Managing Gum Disease

There is no cure for gum disease except for constant maintenance. It can be compared to other inflammatory diseases like diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. Gum disease needs to be managed with good oral hygiene and regular dental visits. Not only are you protecting your gums, but other chronic inflammatory diseases can also be prevented. Apart from brushing and flossing, maintaining a healthy diet is also recommended. Your diet should have vitamins, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids to prevent inflammation. We also recommend heavy smokers either cut back or completely quit smoking to improve their condition.

For additional information please contact us at 737-273-3303, or visit us at Emily Ianno Zaramella, DDS. A healthy gum means an overall healthy body as well. So, don’t hold back from booking an appointment today!

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