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Tooth Fillings Austin TX

Dentist examining teeth with dental tools from Emily Ianno Zaramella, DDS in Austin, TXDamage to the denticles in the form of cracking, chipping, and decay can lead to pain and impaired daily functions of the teeth. Accidents such as a blow to the face or a fall can cause the teeth to crack, whereas chipping can occur by biting hard on something, and decay can be a consequence of cavities in the tooth.

A filling is a dental procedure used to treat teeth affected by cracking, chipping, and decay due to cavities. Emily Ianno Zaramella, DDS, an expert advisory group of dentists, can help in guiding you further.

Complete Procedure of Fillings

Before starting the procedure, our dentist will examine the patient's overall condition and shall check for any other existing problems in the mouth. After completing the examination, anesthetization is done, and the damaged area is prepared for the filling. This is done by using dental tools like drills, air abrasion instruments, and lasers. These tools are used for cleaning the cavities, smoothening and removing the damaged area before filling. The usage of these tools depends upon the practice and experience of a dentist, and at our office, both the expertise of dentists and the usage of tools are ensured to be top quality.

After cleaning the area and examining it once more in cavity cases for any residues, it is then sterilized before filling it. Liners are added to the site before filling to protect from any facial nerve irritation if the damage is deep-rooted. The denticle filling process then begins and is carried out through layering the filling.

After every layer of filling, it is first dried and then topped with another layer. Special light hardeners are used to dry the layers of fillings. Lastly, the filling is pared and recontoured to fit the tooth shape.

Different Filling Materials and Filling Life Expectancy

Fillings can be of different materials depending upon either the dentist's recommendation or the individual's preference. They can be of gold, silver amalgam, and tooth-colored composite material, ceramics, and glass ionomer.

The life expectancy of a filling depends upon the material of the filling. Gold, ceramics, and silver amalgam fillings are known to last for ten to fifteen years. Tooth-colored composite material and gold ionomer fillings last for a minimum of five years. Accidental cases can reduce the filling life expectancy regardless of the material used.

Caring for Fillings

After getting a procedure, specific care steps are necessary. Avoid eating or drinking any hot foodstuffs for a few days after the procedure. Very chewy foods should be avoided, and biting on hard food should also be avoided. Following a good oral care routine is a vital step in caring for the fillings.

Risk Factors

Signs of wear and tear of the filling before the expected time are signs of an instant visit to our office. If the filling becomes loose, it can rise slightly, leaving a hollow area underneath it. This can be a house for infection-causing microbes. Such a case needs immediate attention. Other instances like sharp edges, damage to the filling either through falling or a blow to the face, or biting on hard things like pens and bottles also call us for an instant visit. For more information on fillings, you can reach out to our expert panel through 737-273-3303. You can also visit us at Emily Ianno Zaramella, DDS.

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A filling is a dental procedure used to treat teeth affected by cracking, chipping, and decay due to cavities. Call Dr. Emily Zaramella, DDS in Austin, TX today!
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